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Get loans up to 1000GHS quickly


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Why choose CediFie?

Company Philosophy—Safe and Trustworthy.

  • As one of the Fast growing MicroCredit Companies in Ghana, we look to provide our clients with the best services and pride ourselves on reducing financial burdens on Ghanaians.
  • We understand the value of building a long-lasting relationship with our clients and everything we do is based on our philosophy to release quick funds to help relieve financial pressure on our clients.
  • We are registered under the Bank of Ghana and the MicroCredit Association of Ghana, making us trustworthy and eligible to operate in Ghana.
  • Apply for a fast & reliable loan on Cedifie MircoCredit to relieve your financial burdens. We are here for you!!
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See what they say?

Thank you to them for being willing to share their stories with CediFie.

  • touxiang
    Aunty Jane

    Aunty Jane is a young business woman who is also a single parent with three kids. Two of her kids got admission into the University and High school at the same time. She used all the money she had for their preparation, fees and accommodation. This made things very difficult because she also had goods to clear at the port (Human hair and cosmetics). This affected her business so bad.
    She went to the bank she usually saves at and requested for a loan but their conditions and interest rate was way too much and it will take weeks before she will be given the money meanwhile she only have just few days to go for her goods. She decided to seek for a financial help from her friend who is a successful business owner. The friend introduced her to CediFie where she can apply for a loan online. She told her that CediFie help her sometime ago so she should try.
    Aunty Jane applied and received a call from CediFie to confirm and was required to pay within a month with a low interest rate. Within some few hours she received the money and cleared her goods at the port all thanks to CediFie.

  • touxiang
    Mr. Mensah

    My name is Mr. Mensah, also known as IKE, and I am a welder. After graduating from my master, I worked for him for one (1) year since he appreciated my hard work. However, the portion I receive when we handle a contract was insufficient for me, so I was left with no choice but to bear. I wanted to establish my own shop, so I managed to save up enough cash to buy a piece of land and a container in Bogoso. My senior brother and his wife were able to lend me GHS6600 to cover the cost of the welding machine I intended to purchase at GHS7500, leaving me with only GHS900. I went to two rural banks in my area to ask for assistance, and they told me that the least amount they could lend was GHS15,000.00, and that I would need to provide GHS5,000 as security (collateral), in addition to applying for the loan as a group or with three (3) guarantors who have accounts with the Bank. After accruing the loan, I only have six months to repay it with 37% interest less they close my shop down. I almost gave up. One faithful Friday morning I was on facebook and saw a google ad of CediFie saying I don’t need any guarantor, collateral, bank statement, or income prove to apply, I quickly followed the link to downloaded the app, applied in the morning around 10am and I had a call from an unknown number saying she is a review officer at CediFie and has received my loan application so she wanted to confirm my Identity and also to find out if I’m still interested, after asking me some few questions she told me I will hear from them. I left my phone on charge to buy water when I came within 5 minutes I saw a momo notification, the amount I applied for GHS1000 to be specific and was able to purchase my machine, now I have my own shop, my own machine and 4 apprentice thank you Cedifie.

  • touxiang
    Sir John

    Sir John, a basic school teacher who is married with two(2) kids, he needed money for his fifteen(15) year old girl who had a medical condition and was required to undergo an immediate medical surgery. He called his friends and family both far and near but none of them could help at that moment since most of them were salary workers like him.
    He tried taking some loan from the bank and other loan Apps but it would take days for him to receive the money and their requirements were too much. He remembered he came across CEDIFIE once while scrolling through his phone some time ago and their interest rate was low and he could meet their requirement. He decided to apply since his other relatives could not be of help.
    After applying he was called to confirm his identity and within some few hours he received the money. Sir John was required to repay the loan within a month and since he was government worker ,his salary would be paid within a month as well and this condition favoured him.
    All thanks to CEDIFIE, Sir John`s daughter has successfully had his surgery and he is back home and he would resume school in the following week.

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Your question

At this point,you may have some questions,we will try to answer you.

CediFie is an app that aims to make personal finance simple, easy to use and affordable. You can sign up for and access a range of products, mainly personal loans, without any paperwork, by downloading apps from the Google Play Store or directly.
With the CediFie app, you can get an instant cash loan.
Yes, the service we provide is officially certified. For more information, visit 「Why cedifie?」 Module view, or send us an email. We would be happy to discuss similar issues with you.
You can send mail to us at any time. Here is our email address:
You only need to fill in your information truthfully according to your loan requirements after downloading the APP, which will help us to correctly evaluate your loan requirements and provide you with loan services quickly.


  • CediFie ’s eligibility criteria for personal loans

  • Nationality:Resident of Ghana

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  • Age:18 and above

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  • Type of employment:salaried or self-employed

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CediFie — Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information and data. This Privacy Policy Statement outlines what personal details and data we collect and how we use and protect it.


CediFie is CDF MICRO-CREDIT ENTERPRISE Company's product.We hold the microfinance license registered and approved by the central bank of Ghana.We provide lending products and services accessible from our mobile application and website,

Please read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before going ahead. This statement in effect is contract binded, so carefully read before proceeding.


In order to provide users with efficient and convenient credit loan services, you agree and authorize us to collect the following information from you:

Network Communication

Provide network communication for smooth use of APP and various services/products.

Location Permissions

This product only provides services for Ghana residents, the APP can provide you with recommendation services based on your location. After your consent, we will collect your location information during your use of the APP and upload it to the company's server (server address: ), and will update the data regularly. Without your consent, we will not share your data with any third party that has nothing to do with the borrowing products you apply for.


This function needs to be used in real-name authentication and face recognition. In the case of identity verification, you need to call your camera to shoot the ID card. Based on this, we will judge whether it is an application for the ID card in person, so as to prevent others from using your identity to conduct fraudulent activities. After your consent, we will collect your ID card information during your use of the APP and upload it to the company's server (server address: ), and will update the data regularly. Without your consent, we will not share your data with any third party that has nothing to do with the borrowing products you apply for.

Address Book/Contacts Information

We collect your contacts' information, such as their name and email address or phone number, if you choose to upload or import it from a device, like by syncing an address book. At the same time, in order to prevent the fraudulent behavior of others using other people's information. After your consent, we will collect your address book information during your use of the APP and upload it to the company's server (server address: ), and will update the data regularly. Without your consent, we will not share your data with any third party that has nothing to do with the borrowing products you apply for.

Storage Permission

It is convenient for you to save and upload videos or files or pictures (including your ID card pictures and face pictures).

Device Information

We collect and receive information from and about the different devices you use.

Information about the network you connect your device to, including your IP address. Information you've shared with us through device settings, like GPS location, camera access, photos and related data.For example,We will collect information about your device, such as: hardware model, RAM, storage of the device; unique device identifiers, such as serial number, IMEI, SSAID; SIM card information including network operator information, roaming, MNC, MCC code, WIFI information, mobile network information and MAC address. Get the right to mark, inorder to provide you with better, more secure personalized services and content. After your consent, we will collect your device information during your use of the APP and upload it to the company's server (server address: ), and will update the data regularly. Without your consent, we will not share your data with any third party that has nothing to do with the borrowing products you apply for.

Installed Application Information

We collect information about apps you have downloaded, including the names of all apps and packages you have installed, installation and update times, version names, and version codes of apps on your device. Collect installed application information in order to complete security risk control and service recommendation. After your consent, we will collect your installed application information during your use of the APP and upload it to the company's server (server address: ), and will update the data regularly. Without your consent, we will not share your data with any third party that has nothing to do with the borrowing products you apply for.


In order to ensure the security of your information, CediFie adopts various reasonable physical, electronic and management security measures to protect your information, so that your information will not be leaked, damaged or lost. Information encryption storage using 256 bit SSL protocal , data center access control, private network channels and proxies. We collect your information and upload it to the server( ) after encryption. CediFie also strictly manages employees or outsourcing personnel who may have access to your information, including taking different authority controls according to different positions, signing confidentiality statements with them, and monitoring their operations.

CediFie will provide corresponding security measures to protect your information according to the existing technology, and provide reasonable security guarantee. CediFie will try its best to keep your information from being leaked, damaged or lost at any time.

Below are some of the ways we promote safety, security and integrity. We are committed to:

a. Verify account and activity

b. nvestigate suspicious activity

c. Detection and prevention of harmful or illegal activities such as fraud and money laundering

d. Detect when someone needs help and provide support

e. Maintain the integrity of our products

  2. We use the information we collect to provide you with a suitable loan amount and term to better solve your financial difficulties.In order to provide you with better services and for CediFie's own risk prevention and control, you agree and authorize CediFie to use your information for the following purposes:
  3. a. Create data analysis models to provide you with services suitable for you, and maintain and improve those services
  4. b. Accuracy of comparative information
  5. c. Prevent, detect, investigate fraud, endanger security, illegal or violate CediFie Statements, Policies or Rules in order to protect you, other CediFie users and the legitimate rights and interests of CediFie
  6. d. Offer and display CediFie products or services
  7. e. Other uses authorized by laws and regulations or with your consent
  9. You agree and authorize CediFie to share your information with third parties in the following circumstances:
  10. a. Certain services and/or products and/or promotions are provided by CediFie, the partners of CediFie affiliates or jointly provided by CediFie, CediFie affiliates and partners, and CediFie will share and use with them;
  11. b. When you violate relevant laws and regulations, this statement, and you sign relevant statements with CediFie, provide to your counterparty, CediFie and partner third parties of CediFie affiliates, including collection, litigation, and arbitration;
  12. c. Only by sharing your information can you provide the services you need, or deal with disputes or disputes between you and others;
  13. d. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of CediFie and/or other CediFie users;
  14. e. To comply with applicable laws and regulations, court rulings or other legal procedures, and requirements of relevant government agencies.
  16. a. You can delete personal data by requesting.
  17. b. Your deletion request can be sent to the official email address: The staff will judge whether your request is approved or not based on your reasons and the current account status.
  18. c. If your account has not been logged in for a long time, we will have the right to delete your data.
  19. d. You can control what data we collect through device permissions, please choose carefully, this may affect the pass rate of your application for our services.
  21. CediFie may make changes to this statement at any time. If there is any change, CediFie will choose to publish it in the form of announcement or statement update on the CediFie website or mobile device client without separately notifying you separately. Such changes will be announced immediately effective. If you continue to access CediFie's mobile device client or use any of the services provided by CediFie after this statement is changed, you confirm that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised policy and are bound by it.
  23. You should carefully read and fully understand the meaning of all contents of this Privacy Protection Statement and the resulting legal effects, and voluntarily agree to this Statement. Once you click "agree" to this privacy protection statement online, it is deemed that such behavior is your true intention, and you agree to bear all legal consequences arising therefrom.What if you don't let us collect certain information?Some information is required for our Products to work. Other information is optional, but without it, the quality of your experience might be affected.

  25. Contact Number: +233 594053195
  26. Contact Email:
  27. Opening Hours: AM 8:30 ~ PM 17:30
  28. Official Website Address:
  29. Company Address: Winneba Rd, SCC GS-0166-9016 WEIJA-ACCRA